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Making Payments FAQ

What kind of payments can I make online?

You can pay for any charges that have been billed through the College's billing system. Your total outstanding charges will be displayed by term when you click on Student Finance from the WebAdvisor for Students menu.

Where did the 'Make a Payment' link go?

'Make a Payment' is replaced by Student Finance. In addition to making payments you are now able to view your current and historical account activity (charges, payments, financial aid, etc.) by academic term. Click here - Getting Started with Student Finance - for a brief walkthrough of these features. If you have given permission to your parents to view and make payments on your account via webadvisor, they will not be able to do so using Student Finance - they will continue to make payments through the original Make a Payment screen.

What if my account activity and balance are different than what is on my Billing Worksheet?

The Billing Worksheet contains calculations for​common charges and financial aid and is meant to serve as a helpful tool for anticipating your account billing. The account activity displayed in Webadvisor Student Finance contains the actual current and historically billed tuition, fees, miscellaneous charges, financial aid, refunds, etc. Please use your student accounts billing worksheet to keep track of your scheduled payments. If a payment is due according to your billing worksheet's payment plan schedule but the related charges do not yet appear in WebAdvisor Student Finance, please contact Student Accounts for further assistance.

What if I am on a payment plan?

Payments against a payment plan can be made online as long as the charges have already been billed and appear on your billing statement. Please use your student accounts billing worksheet to keep track of scheduled payments. If a payment is due according to your payment plan schedule but the related charges do not yet appear in WebAdvisor, you will need to contact the Student Accounts office on either campus to make payment. For further information on payment plans, please click here.

What if I see balances for more than one term when I try to make a payment online?

Please do not make payment online, but call Student Accounts instead. We will need to review your account with you and can take payment information from you over the phone at that time. For office hours and phone numbers, please see our contact information below.

Can I make an online payment for a course before I've registered for it?

Not at this time. Please call Student Accounts to make payment over the phone or come to our office on either campus. For office hours and phone numbers, please see our contact information below.

Will a Hold placed for past due tuition be removed automatically if I have made my tuition payment online?

No. Making a tuition payment online will not automatically remove a hold placed by Student Accounts. You will need to contact the Student Accounts office to have the hold removed.

When will my housing charges appear in WebAdvisor ​Student Finance and on my Billing Statement?

Housing charges will appear in Student Finance account activity and Billing Statement when billed, in August.

I waived CCA's Health Insurance. Why is the health insurance charge still displayed on my account ​activity?

The health insurance fee will continue to appear in your account activity until approved health insurance waivers are processed, after the Add/Drop period.

How will my financial aid award be displayed in Student Finance account activity and Billing Statement? How are they different?

Student Finance account activity provides a window into the details of your financial aid award status and how it may affect your bill. Both disbursed and anticipated aid amounts will affect the Student Finance account activity balances displayed. However, your Billing Statement is your actual bill and will only display and calculate disbursed aid, affecting your overall balance due. It is the student's responsibility to ensure all requirements for securing aid are met. Please keep your financial aid award status up-to-date by accepting or rejecting your offered awards in a timely manner. Any balances remaining as a result of unsecured financial aid will be due.

What forms of payment can I use?

American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, and Electronic Check (e-check).

What is E-check?

Electronic check (e-check) allows you to pay your bill by authorizing a direct debit to your personal checking account. The account must be with a U.S. bank. E-check payments cannot be made from international bank accounts.

Can I make e-check payments from accounts other than checking (i.e., savings, money market)?

You’ll need to check with your financial institution. E-check payments can be processed only from accounts that allow ACH direct debit withdrawals.

Please note that if an e-check transaction is returned unpaid for any reason (including but not limited to invalid routing or account numbers, and insufficient funds), you will be assessed a $25 returned item charge.

What other options are there for making payments if I am not paying online?

Please refer to the Student Billing FAQ for alternate payment options.

What is Official Payments Corporation?

CCA has contracted with Official Payments for the processing of credit card payments. Official Payments is the leading provider of electronic payment options for higher education institutions and federal, state and local government agencies. Official Payments processes electronic payments for 2,200+ counties, municipalities, and higher education institutions across all 50 states.

How is my information protected?

All data is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL v.3) 128-bit encryption between CCA's and Official Payments' servers. CCA does not store any sensitive credit card or banking information on its systems. Official Payments is PCI, FERPA, and GLB compliant. Their systems pass an annual 1,000-point check that is conducted by the IRS. The information gathered by CCA and Official Payments is private and will not be forwarded to anyone unless required by law.

Will I receive a confirmation of my payment?

Yes. You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the transaction. This confirmation number and your credit card or bank statement will provide confirmation of your payment. If you pay online, you can print your confirmation number using your browser’s print function. For online payments, an email with your confirmation number will also be sent to the email address you provided with your payment information.

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

You can reach Student Accounts at (510) 594-3646/3703 (Oakland), (415) 703-9578/9582 (San Francisco) or . Our office hours are 8 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday.